USA Bound

Guess what? Our entire family will be in the good ol’ USofA for the entire month of July and August. In just 11 days, we went from having enough money for one plane ticket to buying all 7! I’d say that’s a size-able miracle!

Check it out!

If you’d like to meet up or share a cuppa while we are in town, please let us know. We would love to share with you!


Thank you so much to all who have given! Anything given above and beyond will go toward our traveling and visa expenses. As you know, boys like to eat. Can’t wait to see you!

Missions and Life Support


The last straw was the Facebook message I received. It was a good straw, as far as last straws go. A sweet friend messaged to ask how I “was really doing, and not just what she’s reading on Facebook or the website. Really.”

A caring friend will do that—recognize that you’re camouflaged under the social media facade and call you on it. Looking back over my blog posts and Facebook and twitter feed, I can see that my language changed; I became more cautious and less candid. Continue reading

How About Uganda and South Sudan?

10904632_10205689556820494_4025586220081130125_oYes, how about a trip to Africa?  Yes, I know we are in Africa, but this is a different part of Africa.  If you haven’t heard, Jackson has joined the staff of YWAM Muizenberg. He’s now staffing a DTS which means he will be leading an outreach team of his own. It’s just been announced that he and his co-leader Elisabeth will be spending 10 weeks in Uganda and South Sudan! Continue reading

I Wasn’t Expecting THAT for Christmas

The day before Christmas, somewhere between baking cinnamon rolls, and trying to remember if I have enough gifts for each child I have, there was a knock at the door. With flour on my hands and down the front of my shirt, I open the door wondering, “Who shows up here the day before Christmas and I hope this won’t take long.” Continue reading

In Jackson’s Words…

DSC_0526Below is a guest post from our son Jackson, who recently completed a Discipleship Training School outreach. We are super proud of him!


The main reason I wanted to do a YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School) was to find my purpose and calling. I mean, I am fresh out of high school, I live in South Africa and I have not even applied to a single college. You have no idea how many times I have been asked, “What are you doing next?” I was stressed out from the pressure because dude, I really like surfing.* Continue reading

Cape Town, South Africa

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