Photo: Sullivan photography
Photo: Sullivan photography

It’s another fire. It seems like every week there is a devastating fire.  Last week arsonists took the homes of people in Simon’s Town. The lack of water for the fire hoses made the flames quickly turn into an inferno. The situation became so desperate that firefighters used basins and water bottles to scoop up water to fight the fires. Continue reading Fire…Again

When the Syrian Refugees Opened their Home to Me

IMG_2563In most parts of the USA, if a couple of random women appear at your doorway excited to tell you about the love of Jesus, the typical response is NOT to invite them in, call your friends to join in and then serve them your family’s last bits of food.

It was just over a year ago when my friend and I found ourselves traipsing across the Middle East during a summer boiling over in temperature and tension. Continue reading When the Syrian Refugees Opened their Home to Me

Hard Lessons

11880627_10152972334167001_3687567706140488208_nToday marks a week since I called the auto repair shop. We had been stuck in Marion, Illinois since the previous Thursday waiting for our van to be fixed. On Friday they called us early to say they were going to look at it that day. They didn’t. On Monday they called to say they thought they found the part, but they hadn’t. It would come in Tuesday. On Tuesday they didn’t call. When I called them at the end of the day, they said they still had a few more hours of work to do and hopefully it would be done tomorrow. Continue reading Hard Lessons

Ok. I Need Help

salsaIt so happened that I got this revelation somewhere between the Mexican bean dip and the copious amount of Diet Coke. And I don’t think it was a volunteer revelation as much as my friend delivering the hard-hitting truth. Maybe it was the Dos Equis talking but there’s nothing like a perspective shift over Mexican food.

“You know what you are being? It starts with a P,” she says to me, munching away on chips and salsa while a man in a giant sombrero waltzes by.

Those teacher types can’t converse without resorting to a pop quiz.

“Prideful.” she says, chips still in her mouth, not missing a beat.

“What? How am I being prideful? I’m a poor  missionary type. I own next to nothing, relatively speaking. I gave up Netflix and Starbucks and good customer service.” I’m incredulous, and also hungry. It’s been three years since I’ve had really good Mexican food, although doubtful if my Mexican family would classify this as authentic.

“You don’t tell us what you need. You share ministry prayer requests and other people’s needs, amazing stories and experiences, but you don’t tell us what your family needs.”

The conversation was not supposed to be about me. About right now I’m hoping she gets heartburn from the guacamole. Continue reading Ok. I Need Help

You Can’t Schedule Adventure

This trip back to the USA has taught us many lessons. Yesterday taught us a lot more lessons. I’ve been procatinating in posting on the blog because I felt like God wanted me to post a very specific topic but I did not want to post it. No, I did not. So I didn’t. And now I’m laughing sardonically at myself because God is funny.

I’ll post what I was supposed to post soon, but for now here’s an update on yesterday:

We left my sister Hollie’s house in Dallas at 11 p.m. The air conditioning in the van we borrowed wasn’t working so we thought we’d rather drive through the cooler part of the night than drive through Texas heat like a mobile human sauna.

We drove about 13 hours until it happened. Coasting through southern Illinois there was all at once a loud hissing, shreeking and grumbling. That was just me.

Then the van made a weird noise that caused us all to cringe in horror. It stopped and refused to go further than the side of Intestate 54. In the middle of nowhere. N.O.W.H.E.R.E. It’s shortly after noon. Continue reading You Can’t Schedule Adventure

Homeward Bound

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This is us arriving in South Africa on June 26, 2012.

We leave Cape Town tonight, bound for America, the land of milk and honey. It’s almost three years to the day when we departed America for the unknown life awaiting us in South Africa. It was the best decision of our lives. Also the scariest.

Tonight at 11 p.m., we will board a 10 hour flight to Amsterdam. We have a 22-hour layover there where we plan to see the city, a museum and a cafe or two. Then another 10 hour flight to the US! We will arrive on Tuesday, smelling good.

We will be in Ohio, Texas, Florida and Michigan for the next two months. We’d love to share a cup of coffee and talk about life together! Well, maybe we each have our own cup.


Cape Town, South Africa

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