Is it an Election Year?

This post isn’t really about politics. Honest. In fact I am going to use 80s television to make it seem less political, but I do think politics is a gateway to look at ourselves, or a mirror, if you will.

The other thing is that this post isn’t about trying to change anyone’s views, opinions or actions. I am merely trying to plant a seed, a seed of hope.

It is strange viewing this election campaign from afar. The distance certainly changes the intensity. Although I find that people here are almost as interested as they are in the USA. So many tell me they are following the drama quite closely. To tell the truth, they seem much more interested than I do, but I find their reactions and observations fascinating.

There are some things that are obvious to me.

1. We are deeply divided. I am primarily talking about the people of God, but we could say that about the nation, as well. Some of us love Mr. T and are rooting for the A-Team. Others of us are saying that Mrs. C and Happy Days are the best option. And a very large group are saying they don’t like the choices that 80s television is giving us. I have people I love, honor and trust in each group. Each group seems to be using Biblical examples as proof. Each group seems to feel there is no other way to look at it and if you do, you are violating the Word. Continue reading Is it an Election Year?

Living in ‘Gang Hell’

ov prayer

It’s so hard to describe what live is like for residents of Ocean View. This news article does a great job, even though the facts are hard to stomach. Please give it a read so you can see what every day life is like for the people we love here.

Welcome to Ocean View – a township where scores of people have been gunned down since December in gang-related violence.

Ocean View is home to 30 000 people, of whom at least 60% are unemployed, say community workers.

The latest crime statistics show there were 26 murders and 231 drug crimes reported there between April 2014 and March 2015. These stats only reflect cases reported to the police, and community organisers say the murder rate is much higher. Continue reading Living in ‘Gang Hell’

One of “Those” Weeks

IMG_0227Sunday: We dropped Dylan off at  Cape Town International airport to begin his six month study in Amsterdam. He’s pursuing God and running after adventure, which we fully embrace and applaud. It doesn’t make it any easier watching our blond-haired surfer walk through international security all by himself.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 7.26.53 PMMonday: Our oldest, Jackson, turned 21 years old. Quite a significant milestone. Too bad we are 10,000 miles apart and were only able to celebrate with him over Skype. It’s not the first time we’ve been apart for his birthday, but the day still feels vacant. Screenshots don’t make the most attractive pictures.

IMG_0234Also on Monday: After three years of homeschooling, Ethan and Hudson begin their first day of high school in South Africa. We are super excited  they will be going to school yet…the unknowns create anxiety in this mom’s heart. Yes, today I spent most of the day worried that I’ve either thrown them to the wolves or given them wings to fly. *Yes, there is a height differential, even though they’re twins. Puberty is cruel and unjust. Continue reading One of “Those” Weeks

Kids. They Grow.

These two. Jackson turns 21 years old today. Dylan just got on a plane bound for Amsterdam to spend six months in a YWAM DTS. jayanddyl

I know it’s fairly normal for kids to grow up and stuff. I’ve seen it happen to other parents. These little boys grew into best friends who grew into young men with giant, compassionate hearts. Where are these little boys who splashed in inflatable pools together? They’ve turned into young men who surf the salty waters of False Bay together, laughing at the sound of a shark siren.

The days seemed endless but the years flew by.

Their sweet and courageous hearts are the one thing that’s unchanged. Happy Birthday Jackson! You have a sizable lead in the ‘best big brother’ category. Your siblings are who they are because of your consistent and caring example.

Introducing…Freedom & Flight Jewelry

How do you tell someone that God will provide for them but walk away while they are still hungry and need to feed their kids? You don’t.

We know too many single moms who are trying valiantly to feed, clothe and care for their kids on $0 income. $0. Nothing. We really feel like this idea is a God-given idea, especially since I, (Christina) have never made earrings before in my life. So introducing….

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.03.42 PMWe want to give these brave women a way to generate an income, at least enough to put food on the table. We aren’t experts or professionals at job creation or marketing, so this is pretty grass-roots, experimental. The goal is to bring freedom and have that freedom give wings to hope.
Continue reading Introducing…Freedom & Flight Jewelry

Summer Break!

photo credit: Sarah Prince
photo credit: Sarah Prince

Here in the southern hemisphere, we have just finished the school year and are getting ready to enjoy our summer break. This month,  we watched as85 kids graduated from Grade R (kindergarten) from the Care Centre. Had these kids not been here, they would not have been in school and would have found themselves in circumstances no child should have to live in. Kwelanga House partners with the Care Centre as  group of non-profits who serve in Ocean View. Continue reading Summer Break!

Cape Town, South Africa

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