“Why Have You Come Here?”

ssphoto**Part 1 in a series of who knows how many about my recent trip to Syrian refugees, Israel and Palestine.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about or intrigued by a specific person, people group or place? Maybe even a cause? You know, you try to put it out of your mind, but at random times, it returns? You don’t even know the person, or have never been to the place, but you feel a connection with it; a responsibility or longing to know more?

The first time I felt this particular connection to someone was Michael Jackson in the fifth grade. I may or may not have been misguided by hormones. This is not what I’m talking about. This is stalking. Continue reading

The Not-so-good-2

Christina Quist: The-Not-So-Good-Samaritan

It was late afternoon, on a mild winter Cape Town day. I coerced Kevin into taking a walk around our neighborhood. It’s kind of an intense path. There’s a big hill. It involves stairs, lots of stairs. My mind was focused on both breathing, trying not to collapse and maintaining dialogue.

As we descended the hill, I saw her, sitting on the curb, shuffling her feet in the gravel. The bobby pins in her hair held certain sections more adamantly than others. Her pants were a brown cotton, an ugly brown. Continue reading


My Neighborhood Watch Can Beat Up Your Neighborhood Watch

This post has no motivational or spiritual significance. After years of living in a relatively peaceful, predominantly white suburb in the US, we are still discovering little nuances about living in South Africa.

photo 13
Our neighbor’s had a “yard sale” as a result of the eviction. This was day #2.

Our neighbors were finally evicted from their house. They ran a pretty successful meth lab and bed and breakfast. It’s probably not the type of B-n-B you’d want to stay with the family. People slept inside the cars, outside in the backyard, on the front lawn. There is no sign of food, but there are signs of other activities. Mostly between 2 and 6 a.m. If we complained to the police about the activities, some were rewarded with a gift of human feces in their lawn the next morning. Continue reading

Porcupine Designs-Send Your Heart to South Africa

10491974_652566544813627_6333383087184781437_nEvangeline, Dylan, Ethan (otherwise known as Porcupine Designs) successfully delivered blankets to 16 kids in the community of Dunoon. Thanks to several friends who pitched in and helped!

The next delivery we would like to make is to a group of kids in the community of Mountain View. There are 10 kids total, 6 girls and 4 boys. They range in age from 3-6. It is a poor community and two of the children live outdoors. Continue reading


I Hope He Remembers to do His Laundry


It took me almost his entire 19 years for me to believe that he was never designed for the typically prescribed American educational mold. College plans? Not so much. And that’s ok. Because while I worried over his GPA and future occupations, he followed his own heart and passion.  And he astounded us with his gifts for film and photography. Frankly because, neither of us have those gifts, so we don’t now where they came from. Continue reading


Check Out These Photos!

Guess what? Our oldest son Jackson is headed to a YWAM Discipleship Training School on the other side of South Africa. He will be gone for 6 months. He also must raise his own funds to pay for his fees, because, as you know, we can’t legally work here in SA.

To pay for his $3000 fee, Jackson is offering some pretty stellar photos of Cape Town. Now you can have a slice of South Africa in your home! The photos are free, in lieu of a donation to his DTS. Continue reading

Cape Town, South Africa

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