Big Plans Just Got Bigger!


We announced our vision for Kwelanga House and a tutoring centre in December. Remember? Since then, a bigger, Christian, non-profit organization, saw our vision and invited us to come under their umbrella. They are working on the other side of Cape Town; it’s called Boost Africa Foundation. They easily have 150 kids come each afternoon for tutoring.

Here’s the *smack your head brilliance of it all* moment: They also offer technology to these kids, who barely know how to use a computer. There are students on Khan Academy, having access to the same information as the rest of the world. The whole premise is to not only clothe, feed and teach students, but to actually catapult them into learning with access to information that will feed their dreams. So it’s not just a “here’s a sandwich, how can I help you with math problems kinda place.” It’s a “Hey look and see what’s out there. Let’s dream beyond what you know kinda place.”

In addition to tutoring, they are a small school for children who don’t qualify for government school, a computer lab, a library, offer high school drop outs a program to finish high school (the drop out rate in Ocean View is 60%) provide food to the orphans and more.

Good news: Boost Africa is going to provide us with their organizational blueprint for a learning centre, tax ID, government paperwork, etc.  All the things that are quite intimidating and take months to sort through, are all completed and filed and we now don’t have to worry about! Boost will also give us computer software and the provision of about 15 start-up computers!

Scary news:  Boost Africa thinks large scale. While we were focusing on Masi (40,000 people), Boost Africa would like us to focus on BOTH Masi and Ocean View (another 35,000 people). These are two different communities, two different ethnic groups, languages, histories and needs.

However, our dream is to model unity in this segregated and racist community. By establishing a ‘house that shines’ that serves BOTH cultures, we believe this is a step toward unifying a broken community as  a whole.

So what does this mean? This means we are currently super excited and EXTREMELY overwhelmed at the same time. But you know what? God has shown us how faithful, trustworthy and imaginative He is over the last two years. We fully trust that He is working out the details, just like He always has and always does. I mean come on, our family of 7 has been living on $2500 a month for the past two years. We aren’t going to let a small obstacle like finances deter us from a God-sized dream. We pray you don’t either;)


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