Break In-Again

The first break-in involved a child. The burglar bars had been wedged just enough to squeeze a tiny body through. This is the donations container where all the school supplies are stored. Additionally, there were child’s scooters, fans, clothes, etc. 

The second break-in involved a young man who was promptly caught by the security guard, handcuffed and interrogated by the kitchen staff. The school supplies he stole were recovered, thanks to help from the community!

The third and fourth break-ins were much more boggling to the mind.  Firstly, it was a gang member who is not a small child. He left a nice gang tag with a drawing of a gun shooting. He also signed his name, Apez.  Now, here’s where it gets interesting. He managed to take a scooter, more Lego sets, box fans and even stripped the light fixture. This was not a small child so how in the laws of the physical universe did he get himself, boxes and fans and large items through this little window??! It baffles the mind! Ingenious! Also, he left his jersey. We laid it out nicely for him on the table should he return tonight. Coincidentally, we found an Afrikaans Bible. We randomly flipped it open and left it with the jersey. It was Nahum. 


What are you thinking?