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Our new friend Sara inspired us to ASK BIG! So here it is!

OPERATION HOPE: As we have sought God’s heart, we find it more vast and more expansive than we ever dreamed. The depth of His love of us is without equal and without limit. He has big plans for His people and we are thrilled to be a part of it. We believe He has placed us here in Cape Town, the Mother City, to be a part of Him birthing something new into the earth. He is always doing a new thing.


WHO: We believe the first nation people of southern Africa, the Khoisan, to be a key component in God’s new thing. (Some believe they are the first nation people of the whole earth.) They are gate-keepers to the land, to the soil. As God draws us close to show us who we really are, we find that He is telling us we are both fully physical, people formed from the dust, and fully spiritual, made in the image and likeness of God. These gate keepers have a deeply spiritual way about them. Continue reading THE BIG ASK NEWS!

Our Top 10 Car Stories

Let’s take a look back at the best of our car stories, shall we? :

        10.  Circus clowns. Upon arriving in South Africa and not having enough money to buy a car, we rented what we could afford: A purple Ford Fiesta named Jasmine. All seven of us would cram in that thing, all folded over on top of each other. When we got out it was like crescent rolls in a Pillsbury can.

9.  Grand Theft Auto. Four months into our life in South Africa we learned just how easy it is to have a car stolen. From the front of your house. While you’re home. In broad daylight. If you’re naive, like we were, you’ll leave a bunch of treasured possessions in the car too.  Dude, Where’s My Car?!

8. The Swaggon. We loved our 1989 VW Microbus. Often mistaken for a taxi, we cruised through town with style, sometimes surfboards in tow. Sometimes it ran. We had the engine rebuilt… twice. It had no less than 17 major repairs. Still, even though she said she would stay loyal, she quit often. We have pushed her out of parking garages, up hills and through town. She was a moody one. However, one late night, Christina caught four guys trying to steal her, from right in front of our house.  Unfortunately, they had already started dismantling the whatchamacallit, making it impossible to drive. After neighborhood watch caught the guys, Christina marched herself into the police station to identify the thieves but also to suggest that since they were doing nothing but sitting in jail, that they come repair the work they had done. The police refused. We had to pay for it. It broke down again shortly after that. We decided it was time to break off this co-dependent relationship.

7. The Phantom. We found this beauty for sale on a used car site from a nice Christian man we met before. Perfect! We mentioned it on social media and the next thing you know, there’s a gofundme and money is coming in faster than a televangelist during the hour of power. Friends and family are super excited for us and we are thrilled to have a car that seems so nice! It has been four long years of waiting and praying and enduring car problems. Finally, it’s over! Everything is awesome.

Until there was that dreadful noise….TWO DAYS LATER. Oh, the mechanic says, (our trusty mechanic) the engine needs to be rebuilt. He can do it but it requires a deposit, a large one. And then later he needs more money because he needs to rebuild the rebuild. Then the mechanic is crying in our living room because his life has no purpose.

Three months later we discover our car in his garage but he is nowhere to be found. The engine is there, in parts. All over the place like a neurotic jigsaw puzzle. The mechanic is nowhere. He just disappeared, like a phantom. We tried to file a police report for a stolen car. Fat chance said the officer. You gave him your keys. Well, when you put it that way…No money, no car. No hope for humanity.

6. We borrowed a friend’s van while they were in the US. Thieves broke the side window and stole a shoe. A child’s shoe. Not both shoes. One shoe-the left one to be exact. Amount owed: one window and a pair of shoes.

5. Borrowed a friend’s car… (When will we learn to NOT do this)?  Hear a strange noise. Mechanic says the entire car is not roadworthy. Advises us to only drive if we are done with living. Odd business style but alright.

4. Borrowed a friend’s car…breaks down. Find a different mechanic. Should have had a clue when this mechanic doesn’t own a car of his own and must walk to our house everyday carrying his set of tools. R5500 worth of repair plus petrol expenses. Ours, not his.

3. Have pumpkin pie, will travel. Thanksgiving week. On our way to Thanksgiving dinner, the car slowly grinds to an involuntary halt. Pumpkin pies on our laps, we are forced to yet again call a friend to come pick us up from the side of the road. The car is towed and fixed. Or so we thought.

That same week…we are on our way to take all the kittens to the vet. Driving along a very busy road we hear a terrible noise. The car rumbles out of control and we pull over to the side to discover that metal shavings all over the road and the tire is shot.  One of our friends, Marti,  shows up to direct traffic away from Kevin who is sprawled underneath the car. The kittens are meowing. A tow truck driver arrives, another friend arrives for moral support. One drives by and honks, no doubt laughing at us. Marti is wearing an authoritative safety vest and scolds speeding taxis while standing guard over Kevin’s head. I  guard the box of cats wishing I had pumpkin pie to eat right there on the curb.

2. Hello from the other side. This is way too long a story but it begins with us borrowing a friend’s van which breaks down in the middle of forsaken land in Illinois. The story culminates with a kindly man picking us up off the side of the interstate and taking all 7 of us to his house to stay until the van can be fixed which turns out to be 7 days. You really have to read it to believe it.

And the TOP CAR STORY is…Last week, my friend calls me all excited and mysterious like, talking of God-things. Their family is moving back to America from South Africa .

Over the phone, I hear, “We are giving you our car. We feel like that is what God wants us to do.”

They could have sold it and used the money for moving expenses or for anything, but they gave us their Toyota Condor which is in phenomenal condition and runs like a charm. It has air conditioning, a CD player, power windows and locks and most importantly, an alarm system, which I think God finds hilarious. It’s also made in this century, unlike any of our previous cars.

I often look outside to make sure it’s still in front of our house and  I’m not dreaming.








Kids. They Grow.

These two. Jackson turns 21 years old today. Dylan just got on a plane bound for Amsterdam to spend six months in a YWAM DTS. jayanddyl

I know it’s fairly normal for kids to grow up and stuff. I’ve seen it happen to other parents. These little boys grew into best friends who grew into young men with giant, compassionate hearts. Where are these little boys who splashed in inflatable pools together? They’ve turned into young men who surf the salty waters of False Bay together, laughing at the sound of a shark siren.

The days seemed endless but the years flew by.

Their sweet and courageous hearts are the one thing that’s unchanged. Happy Birthday Jackson! You have a sizable lead in the ‘best big brother’ category. Your siblings are who they are because of your consistent and caring example.

When the Syrian Refugees Opened their Home to Me

IMG_2563In most parts of the USA, if a couple of random women appear at your doorway excited to tell you about the love of Jesus, the typical response is NOT to invite them in, call your friends to join in and then serve them your family’s last bits of food.

It was just over a year ago when my friend and I found ourselves traipsing across the Middle East during a summer boiling over in temperature and tension. Continue reading When the Syrian Refugees Opened their Home to Me

You Can’t Schedule Adventure

This trip back to the USA has taught us many lessons. Yesterday taught us a lot more lessons. I’ve been procatinating in posting on the blog because I felt like God wanted me to post a very specific topic but I did not want to post it. No, I did not. So I didn’t. And now I’m laughing sardonically at myself because God is funny.

I’ll post what I was supposed to post soon, but for now here’s an update on yesterday:

We left my sister Hollie’s house in Dallas at 11 p.m. The air conditioning in the van we borrowed wasn’t working so we thought we’d rather drive through the cooler part of the night than drive through Texas heat like a mobile human sauna.

We drove about 13 hours until it happened. Coasting through southern Illinois there was all at once a loud hissing, shreeking and grumbling. That was just me.

Then the van made a weird noise that caused us all to cringe in horror. It stopped and refused to go further than the side of Intestate 54. In the middle of nowhere. N.O.W.H.E.R.E. It’s shortly after noon. Continue reading You Can’t Schedule Adventure

USA Bound

Guess what? Our entire family will be in the good ol’ USofA for the entire month of July and August. In just 11 days, we went from having enough money for one plane ticket to buying all 7! I’d say that’s a size-able miracle!

Check it out!

If you’d like to meet up or share a cuppa while we are in town, please let us know. We would love to share with you!


Thank you so much to all who have given! Anything given above and beyond will go toward our traveling and visa expenses. As you know, boys like to eat. Can’t wait to see you!

I Wasn’t Expecting THAT for Christmas

The day before Christmas, somewhere between baking cinnamon rolls, and trying to remember if I have enough gifts for each child I have, there was a knock at the door. With flour on my hands and down the front of my shirt, I open the door wondering, “Who shows up here the day before Christmas and I hope this won’t take long.” Continue reading I Wasn’t Expecting THAT for Christmas