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Can You Believe It? Online Giving!

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Sit back and relax. We now have online giving options! They are super easy! Now everyone can easily join the fun and help spread the LOVE!

Our 2017 budget is in need of 27 people to commit to $50 a month, or some such configuration. It’s never been easier to join! We’d love to partner with you! Click the friendly baboon or GO HERE if you prefer.






Abundance and Freedom

Living a life of abundance and freedom is so much more than material abundance and financial freedom, but these are certainly tangible examples that we can easily relate to. Talking about finances and provision is uncomfortable and awkward but a lot of what has God has taught us has been either in the realm of money or money was a factor in the lesson. My personal hangups have to do with not wanting to ask for money or misinterpreted as such. I am still on a journey in this and I haven’t arrived, but please know that this isn’t a sales pitch. Continue reading Abundance and Freedom

Why are we here?

On June 28 we will have our five year anniversary in South Africa. With less than a month to go now, I feel I should do a little series of what God has shown us as we have journeyed with Him these five years. He has called us and He keeps opening our eyes to His plans and purposes. When Christina’s parents were here last month, we talked quite a bit about defining vision, mission and purpose, giving words to the things we feel in our spirits. Continue reading Why are we here?

Evangeline + Paris + YOU=LOVE


Our favorite daughter of all time wants to attend a YWAM Discipleship Training School next month. It’s in Paris with a 3-month outreach to southeast Asia. It would be a huge growing, learning season for her.  She will be learning about herself, Jesus and loving others and how all that works together in life.

Even though she’s been baking brownies, making earrings, sewing catchy crafts and such, she’s still quite shy of the amount she needs.

She needs at least $2500 before 27th of the September. Can you help her out? She is a worthwhile investment! thank you!

You can donate to her GofundMe HERE.

Gifts Given and Hopeful Hearts

doterraphotoMy mind is completely blown. When we were home in the US this summer for four weeks, my friend Ginger introduced me to the amazing world of essential oils. When I say introduced, I mean she gave me a heavenly massage when I got back from South Africa.

Her office is quiet except for some sort of wooden bamboo flute music and it smells nice, like oranges and peppermint. There is a little diffuser that politely breathes  a fruity goodness that I could smell, even with my face squashed into the massage bed. I wanted that thing, that little statue of magic mist. I felt wonderful. Like stress-free wonderful. Continue reading Gifts Given and Hopeful Hearts

2013 In Retrograde. And Weird Search Words.

Real life with parents, Christina and Kevin
Happy 2014 to you!

The Israelites didn’t have the WordPress Jetpack analytics annual update, maybe that was their problem.


I just looked at the annual report from our website. I can see our most popular posts, most comments, and most searched words. You search for some strange things, people.

Continue reading 2013 In Retrograde. And Weird Search Words.

Come to our Party! 3.23.13

Ethequists_green-01very one in the world is invited to our social media shindig on Saturday, March 23rd, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The event invite is on facebook, you can see it for yourself here.

We will be posting pictures, videos and stories from South Africa. It’s really our way of making you fall in love with South Africa. It’s bound to happen. We will also be using this time to raise funds for a possible family trip back to the US for Jackson’s (our oldest son) high school graduation.

Be sure to ‘like’ our page, Keep this family in Africa on facebook, or follow us on twitter, @christinaquist and @kevin_quist, or find us on instagram.

If you don’t want to do all that, but would like to give to the flight, you can go HERE.

See you all Saturday!