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2013 In Retrograde. And Weird Search Words.

Real life with parents, Christina and Kevin
Happy 2014 to you!

The Israelites didn’t have the WordPress Jetpack analytics annual update, maybe that was their problem.


I just looked at the annual report from our website. I can see our most popular posts, most comments, and most searched words. You search for some strange things, people.

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Our Boys are in Prison

ismagesI didn’t sleep well. The stench remained in my nostrils so every time I inhaled, I could smell where I’d been. It reminded me of the times I used to serve dinner to the homeless at Better Way in Columbus with my friends Mim and Liz. The smells soak into your clothes so you come home smelling like street grime, urine and spaghetti sauce.

If going to Pollsmoor prison Maximum security was a shock, this night proved to be  different, yet just as powerful. Continue reading Our Boys are in Prison