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On Witchcraft and Other Traditions

witchPhoto1“Did you hear the drums last night? “

“Yes, I could hear them from my bedroom. A deep, ritualistic  rhythm, sounding well past midnight. It was clearly a ritual of some sort.”

It’s an eery juxtaposition-the tribal drum beats sounding over the white, gated community where flat screen TV’s carry the nightly news.

First world entwines with third world in the local paper, where the area witch doctors (sangomas) publish classified ads beside the Alfa Romeo dealers. Continue reading On Witchcraft and Other Traditions

How Offensive!?

“A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth.”
Albert Einstein

This video was deemed controversial by the ANC (the political party in power) who called it “treacherous and bordering on treason”.  The ANC demanded that FNB pull the commercial from the air immediately and apologize to the government. I am dumbfounded at the ANC’s reaction because I feel this is a message we need to embrace.  The children of this country have an opportunity to lead South Africa closer to Desmond Tutu’s dream of the Rainbow Nation. This year’s graduating class is the first generation of those “born free.”

Racial reconciliation is necessary for this country to come together and sort out the problems that plague it today.  We encourage our Masi teens to do more than exist side by side.  We implored them to join together in love and unity by loving their neighbor as their self.

What do you think? Can you imagine a government that takes offense at this commercial and has the audacity to pressure the corporation to pull it? Did you pick up on the offending lines?

Why Does God Make Some People so Rich When Others are so Poor? Does He Hate Us?

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 9.45.13 PM

This week in our Masiphumelele teens’ club we have been inviting questions, tough questions.  We have been asked about the reliability of the Bible, about trust in Jesus, and how to navigate traditional, African religious worship as a follower of Christ.  Today came the toughest question yet,  “Why does God make some people so unbelievably rich when so many others are so unbelievably poor?” Continue reading Why Does God Make Some People so Rich When Others are so Poor? Does He Hate Us?