Dude, Where’s My Car?!

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 12.40.58 AMWe heard it was only a matter of WHEN, not IF. However, it still caught us completely and horribly off guard.

So, the car has been stolen.

With no small amount of panic, we realized what we had  (stupidly) left in the car.

-Several hoodies and jackets, including Hudson’s favorite Columbus Crew hoodie.

-Soccer balls and one volleyball

-My Canon camera

-And last but not least, Kevin discovered that inside one of the jackets, was his wallet containing our bank cards and the cash for the rest of the month. Not to mention his driver’s license, etc.

So, not only are we missing money for the month, but our emergency funds are in our US accounts, with the bank cards being in the wallet. Once these accounts are canceled it will be a veeery long time until those replacement cards ever make it to South Africa. It’s not as if we can waltz into a Bank of America and withdraw it.

-Additionally, we will have to pay the insurance deductible for the car, which is $400. As if paying over $400 for that car wasn’t painful enough!

Here’s the good news:

Also in the car was Kevin’s Bible. Maybe they will read it.

According to the neighborhood watch surveillance tapes (read hyper vigilante) our car was seeing driving down the mountain at 7:45 p.m. That’s a mere 40 minutes after we got home. Pretty gutsy, eh?

Here’s what’s exciting: seriously, do they know whose car they stole? Do they know that right now, people are not only praying for the return of the car and its contents, but also for them?

Do they know that God has such a great  plan for their life and it doesn’t include grand theft auto? Maybe today will be the day they find out.

I am giddy with excitement at how God will get the glory from this incident. Clearly, they could have chosen a BMW or a Mercedes, but no, they chugged all the way up the hill, to the very last house. And took a 25 year old Mazda.

As my friend Sarah said, “I also pray that the thieves would be drawn to their Rescuer…that He will STEAL their hearts.”

We wait with anticipation.


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