A major part of our story is that we were unsatisfied with life as we knew it. We longed for more, a deeper connection with God and with others, more significance in what we were doing. We felt that if we committed ourselves to a life of loving and serving others and if we sought to live out Isaiah 58-61, we would find those things. Father has seen those desires of our hearts and honored them. We are experiencing a deeper connection with God and more significance, but not how we thought.

He is showing us that we misunderstood what He was calling us to, what the longing of our hearts was and what He desired for us. He was calling us to intimacy. Our spirits, souls and bodies were craving intimacy. He desired for us to have intimacy. We joined YWAM without realizing that their mission statement is “To know God and make Him known”. We are finding that knowing God isn’t information, theology, or degrees from Bible Institutes. These things can be great tools, but they can also be devoid of life. True relationship is so much more and each one of us can experience it for ourselves.

Previously, much of what I thought was a relationship with God was the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was morality. It was theology. It was good works. In our present, rationalist, Western worldview, we think we know something by studying it. I can study Mount Everest and think I am an expert without ever going within thousands of miles of it. I can read biographies about the Queen of England and claim to know her when I’ve never met her. There is no experience to base my information on. It can be the same with God. I can study a lot and know schools of thought about Him and memorize all kinds of Scripture and not have a true, experiential relationship.

For a long time, I didn’t really believe in the personhood of God. He could hear me because of His omniscience and He was near because of His omnipresence, but I couldn’t interact with Him like a real person. He was distant and unknowable. I could only interact with the Bible. Quiet times were times of reading the Word and asking for stuff. I am repenting of those erroneous mindsets. I believe in a personal God. I believe in a God who was friends with Moses because they talked face to face. That wasn’t only for Moses. Father, Son and Spirit are calling every single person into that degree of intimacy. The veil has been torn, not so God could get out, but so we could come into His very presence, freely, through Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Jesus said in John 10 that He was the door and we can go in and out and find pasture. He has given us access to the very person of God. We no longer have to go through priests. We no longer have to rely on the spiritual leader to hear God for us. Let’s come boldly to be with Him.

This call to intimacy has changed everything. We are focusing on only doing life with God. He hasn’t called us to do anything for Him, under Him, over Him, or from Him (see Skye Jethani’s book With). Now I realize that every time He asked someone to do something in the Bible that He followed it up by saying that He was going to be with them. He has called us here to live with Him, and that’s made all the difference.

More to come.

What are you thinking?