Journey, Inheritance and Forerunners

We are on a journey. We are all on a journey. Most of us acknowledge that is true, but it seems there is very little space in church culture for it. The destination isn’t always clear. The path is described as straight and narrow but seems winding and rough. Abraham was told to go where God would tell him. His descendants were told to go the land of the promise. This was their inheritance, but the way to claim it was to walk with God until He brought them there.

Their journey is our example. Jesus made the way for us to have our inheritance in the Kingdom, but we come into this inheritance step by step with Him. There is no map to follow. There is no checklist or formula or recipe. We simply walk with Father.

This is the tree of life. Life is walking with Father in the cool of the day. Adam and Eve were given the mandate to fill the earth and bring it into order. That is an incredibly daunting task. It could only be done in life, but they chose knowledge because it was offered as a shortcut to maturity. They would be like God, knowing what to do. It was a lie. Knowledge will never bring us life, our inheritance. It will only bring death. Yet, as their children, we have the same frustration. We just want to know what to do. We want a plan with step by step instructions.

I was talking with a friend about why God brought them to Cape Town and he said God didn’t tell them much. He admitted that if God had told them His purposes, they would have completed the list as soon as possible and then moved back home.

The plans and purposes of God are so much more than what we do. It is who we connect with and influence. Father, Son and Spirit are whispering, “Look at our relationship. See the beauty and love. We have included you in it if you will choose to walk with us.”

What is this inheritance, this promised land, the destination of our journey? Paul calls it Christlikeness. Hebrews 6 calls it maturity. Today we might call it wholeness or total integration. From the pulpit, we might call it sonship or sanctification. It is becoming love like my Father is love. It is being completely and totally free.

Metamorphosis is modeled in the animal kingdom. Caterpillars become butterflies. Tadpoles become frogs. Sons of Adam become sons of God. The process is so complete that even the DNA changes, but they were always both. The caterpillar is the butterfly and the butterfly is the caterpillar. We are becoming all we were created to be before the foundation of the world. But our cocoon is walking with Father in the garden. It is following the cloud as we travel from slavery through the wilderness of overcoming our orphan spirit into the fullness of our sonship.

For a long time, I thought the Jordan River was death. That is how our hymns describe it. Consequently, I looked forward to death and the opportunity to become all that I was supposed to be. That doesn’t fit. Jesus defeated death, but I had made death my savior. I misunderstood the gospel. Like the children of Israel, I refused to cross and fight for my inheritance.

No longer. I have crossed the Jordan and Father, Son, Spirit and I are walking together through my life rooting out all the kings who I have let build in my land and steal my inheritance. Philippians says, “He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it.” He will bring us to maturity but He honors our choice of when to stop wandering and cross over and start the process.

This journey is individual for each of us but it is collective as well. We can look at church history and see how God is bringing the whole body along. He opens up new revelation to new groups and we take another step. The problem is those of us receiving one revelation set up camp there and refuse to move when the cloud moves. We build in the wilderness instead of walking into the promised land.

To shake us out of our complacency, Father sends forerunners to see the goodness of His inheritance for us and to encourage us to cross over. We have had a good report from forerunners before us that has encouraged us to cross over and we will be forerunners for those who come behind us.

There is a land of milk and honey waiting for us if we will grab Father’s hand and walk with Him into it. Come journey with us.

What are you thinking?