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Introducing…Kwelanga House. Kwelanga House means  “The house that shines” in the African language isiXhosa. Kwelanga House is located in the Ocean View Care Centre in the Coloured community of Ocean View.

IMG_6590Kwelanga House is two fold:

We are a House of Prayer located within the community. Our heart is to restore the community through a continuous flow of worship and intercession. The House of Prayer is open to anyone who would like to join and carries a passion for Ocean View in their heart.

We are a practical training centre: An after school tutoring house, staffed with local and international volunteers who first and foremost, love Jesus and His children, and are not intimidated by the obstacles they face.

We will be installing a small computer lab designed to give kids the advantage of computer training. Because Ocean View High School has a drop out rate of 50%, and because many kids will not complete grade 8, we also will offer a Matric equivalent for those who need to finish high school. IMG_6623

The first part is key; the second is a practical outworking of service. Also located within the Ocean View Care Centre is a grade R school (kindergarten) run by volunteers for children whose homes are unsafe. There is a kitchen where volunteers feed the children and other children in the community. Drug and alcohol addiction counseling, men’s and women’s ministry is also here. Together we have a drive and desire to see the restoration of a broken heritage.

To read more about Ocean View and and it’s roots in apartheid history, read HERE.

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