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14037347_10209345646025360_1511168136_oHave you ever thought, “There’s got to be more to life than THIS?”

THIS is wonderful, I mean it’s the American dream: house, kids (lots) cars (some that work), family and friends and good times. Even church on Sunday. Life is planned, categorized and is prone to run like mostly everyone else’s life. But, what if THIS is not whats IT’S about?

After being married for 18 years, 5 kids, and a few different occupations, what matters most to us is loving the people God loves. And the people of South Africa relentlessly grabbed our hearts. Our hope is to speak hope and Jesus into the lives of people we see in the slum township of Masiphumele, and Ocean View,  just outside of Cape Town.

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That brings us to the decision to move our little family of seven, half way across the world  to  a place that breaks our heart, to …”spend ourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed. (Isaiah 58). In other words, to love the hell out of this city.

So, we sold everything that wouldn’t fit into suitcases, and moved in with Cristi’s parents for a year to save money. They have a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house. That’s 9 people. *Pause here for grandparent appreciation*. We raised some financial support, saved enough money to buy 7 one-way tickets to South Africa, and took off. We had exactly enough money to live for 7 weeks in Cape Town, but trusted that when God said He would provide for us, He would.

We’ve been in Cape Town for over a year now, four years now, each month a financial miracle. Sometimes God brings us more supporters, sometimes He has our car get stolen so we have an outpouring of sympathy. He’s creative. Life is an adventure. And we have no regrets.

Read HERE for what we do here in South Africa.

Random things in the media:

August 11, 2011-Author Kary Oberbrunner did a nice little write up for us on his blog. Check his stuff out here. He uses the word “opus.”

December, 2011-My dear friend and journalism buddy Jennifer, wrote this story about Living Hope, and our journey. It’s a great read. She did a fantastic job. Here’s the story.

August 24, 2012-You should read Jeremy Stratton’s blog. He writes well. Really well. He has  a way of knowing people without having known them. Know what I mean? He found us. He wrote our story too. You can read it here.

For random video snippets of life here in SA, you can visit our youtube channel. There’s all manner of nonsense: dancing children and trying to learn Xhosa.


What are you thinking?

Cape Town, South Africa

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