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Our new friend Sara inspired us to ASK BIG! So here it is!

OPERATION HOPE: As we have sought God’s heart, we find it more vast and more expansive than we ever dreamed. The depth of His love of us is without equal and without limit. He has big plans for His people and we are thrilled to be a part of it. We believe He has placed us here in Cape Town, the Mother City, to be a part of Him birthing something new into the earth. He is always doing a new thing.


WHO: We believe the first nation people of southern Africa, the Khoisan, to be a key component in God’s new thing. (Some believe they are the first nation people of the whole earth.) They are gate-keepers to the land, to the soil. As God draws us close to show us who we really are, we find that He is telling us we are both fully physical, people formed from the dust, and fully spiritual, made in the image and likeness of God. These gate keepers have a deeply spiritual way about them. Continue reading THE BIG ASK NEWS!

Oh, the Places We’ll Go…With a Van

$T2eC16JHJG8FGsp!d0dDBSCK6dCi0g~~48_20Many of you know we have been praying that God will provide a van for us here in South Africa. We totally believe He can do this. He’s done it before. For now, 6 of cram into our car, with someone sitting uncomfortably on the emergency brake. We are grateful for transportation.

When we get a van we will be able to: Continue reading Oh, the Places We’ll Go…With a Van