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“The greatest of these is love.” As I have been planning these essays, Paul’s words keep coming back to me. “The greatest of these is love.” We left our normal lives in the USA because of love. We thought we knew what love was. We thought the way we live should look different because of love. Continue reading Love


A major part of our story is that we were unsatisfied with life as we knew it. We longed for more, a deeper connection with God and with others, more significance in what we were doing. We felt that if we committed ourselves to a life of loving and serving others and if we sought to live out Isaiah 58-61, we would find those things. Father has seen those desires of our hearts and honored them. We are experiencing a deeper connection with God and more significance, but not how we thought. Continue reading Intimacy

What is an Acceptable Punishment for a Disobedient Wife?

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 2.04.39 PMWhen is it ok to beat my girlfriend? If my boyfriend beats me, it means he loves me. If you buy your wife, you can treat her how you want. These are some actual thoughts on domestic abuse. Except it’s not called domestic abuse. It’s called tradition. Culture. Expectation. Love language. Hitting or beating a female can be seen as a sign of affection. Continue reading What is an Acceptable Punishment for a Disobedient Wife?

What We Do

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 7.35.10 PMWhat do we do? We tried to summarize our daily activities here:

Comfort and feed a screaming woman lying on the sidewalk.

Hold the hands of filthy kids. We are the ones who return home blessed.

Give fruit to hungry. Except the time Kevin pulled a banana out of his black hoodie and the poor lady threw up her arms like it was a hold up. Oops. Continue reading What We Do