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God of the Impossible; God of the Preposterous

Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of the Grade R (kindergarten) at the Ocean View Care Centre. I had no idea until I arrived. The excitement was abundant because it was truly a day to celebrate plus, God had provided a free trip to the circus for the school as a birthday present! Two years of miracles are certainly worthy of celebration.

The story is remarkable. The school was born in pain. The founder lost his young son to cancer at the end of 2014. He decided that he was not going to allow the children of Ocean View to be lost through lack of academic preparation. He couldn’t change what happened to his boy, but he could change the paths of the children of Ocean View who seemed to be falling through the cracks because they were on the streets when they should have been in a Grade R preschool.

The school was started with a simple decision. We will do it and God will provide. There was no building and no budget. These children’s families could not pay for this school and yet these children needed nutrition if they were going to learn. He found a retired teacher to do the teaching, and they rounded up about 20 kids who were Grade R age but were playing in the streets during school days. On February 10, 2015, the school started outside in the corner of a building. It rained that day while kids sat huddled in a corner of an abandoned building.

The school started to grow. More children came and so did more volunteer teachers. In April, the school and Ocean View Care Centre received 16 used shipping containers and were allowed to put them on a plot of council land. Now the school has its own classrooms and kitchen. Playground equipment was donated and a small support staff feed and care for the students.

Every day is a miracle here. Everyone is a volunteer. There are no salaries. When they come to serve, it is a miracle. The children are fed breakfast, lunch and a snack every day with no budget. Miracle. 85 children completed the first year. There was a total of 98 who came at some point during that year. Miracle. That was overwhelming so they capped enrollment at 55 the second year with a smaller staff. Miracle. This year they have about 40 students. Miracle. Almost 200 children’s lives have been impacted over this two years. Miraculous.

During our morning prayer meeting, I found myself praising the “God of the Impossible; God of the Preposterous.” He has made a school out of shipping containers and a vacant lot. He has fed and taught almost 200 children and prepared them for a better future. He has changed the lives of countless parents, observers, and volunteers who He has touched as we watched Him work with willing hearts and no budget.

The crazy thing is this is only the beginning of the impossible and preposterous things we expect God to do in Ocean View, in the Fish Hoek Valley, in Cape Town, in South Africa, across the African continent, and around the world. Get ready to participate with the God of the Impossible; God of the Preposterous.


Just a Wee Request

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 12.40.58 AMWe have been driving a Volkswagen Chico for the last few weeks. We get to use it until the end of January, then we have to return it to a friend. It’s been pretty sweet, with dark tinted windows and room for 4 people.

So, at the end of January we will go back to the taxi bus. Riding in a public taxi has its merits, but the five rounds of head lice that we went through would not count as a merit. Continue reading Just a Wee Request

Don’t You Know You’re Powerful?

metal gates 2You know those times when God puts someone on your mind and you the only thing you know to do is to pray for them? I can assure you, it is the BEST thing you can do.

A few weeks ago, our dear friend Judy began praying for us. Little did she know what was going on here. It was mid-Feb and we had already burned through the months finances. We were in the middle of serving a pasta dinner to our friends. Let me tell you, when teenage boys from Masi eat, they EAT. One 14-year-old boy can eat more than Dylan and Kevin combined. Continue reading Don’t You Know You’re Powerful?